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09/01/2011 22:06
 TOPIC 3   PRIVILEGES OF PARLIAMENT NOW & THEN Parliament in India is one of the most important pillars standing with an aim to achieve the goals of national reconstruction and nurturing the values of freedom , secularism and democracy. As a microcosm of the...


TOPIC 2 Historical Evolution of Parliamentary Privileges Introduction

09/01/2011 22:05
   TOPIC 2   Historical Evolution of Parliamentary Privileges Introduction A ‘privilege’ means a special or exceptional right or an immunity enjoyed by a particular class of persons or individuals which is not available to the rest of the people. In its legal sense it means an...


TOPIC 5 Breach of Privilege and Contempt of the House

09/01/2011 22:02
 TOPIC  5 Breach of Privilege and Contempt of the House  According to the noted constitutional expert Sub hash Kashyap, breach of privilege is an act of attack on or disregard of any privileges, rights or immunities of either House of Parliament or its committees or its members. On...


TOPIC 4 Indian Parliamentary Privileges

09/01/2011 22:00
 TOPIC 4 Indian Parliamentary Privileges In democracy, popularly elected institutions such as the Parliament or State Legislative Assemblies represent the will of people. They perform the important function of law making which forms the basis of functioning of a democratic political system. In...


TOPIC 1 parliamentary privileges ( rights of members of parliament in india )

09/01/2011 21:46
 TOPIC  I Introduction: The term parliamentary privileges is used in Constitutional writings to denote both these types of rights and immunities. Sir Thomas Erskine May has defined the expression ?Parliamentary privileges? as follows: The sum of the peculiar rights enjoyed...


बैंसला जयपुर में, ठोस हल निकलने की उम्मीद

04/01/2011 18:12
 जयपुर। सरकारी नौकरियों में पांच फीसदी आरक्षण की मांग पर अड़े गुर्जर नेता किरोड़ी सिंह बैंसला आखिरकार सरकार से बातचीत के लिए आज शाम जयपुर पहुंच गए। सूत्रों के मुताबिक बैंसला ऊर्जा मंत्री डॉ. जितेन्द्र सिंह के आवास पर हैं। उनके साथ डॉ रूप सिंह, कैप्टन हरप्रसाद, एडवोकेट अतर सिंह, महेन्द्र सिंह...


Trivedi Manish to Tayag Miss Asha

03/01/2011 20:48
  Trivedi Manish Brahm Puri, Peepaliya, Jodhpur. Chamber No. :- O/s Old Chambers No....


Thanvi Deepak to Trivedi Mahendra Kumar

03/01/2011 20:46
  Thanvi Deepak 136, "Shakti Sadan" Shanti Priya Nagar Chopasani Road ,.Jodhpur ...


Talat Bari to Thanvi Deepak

03/01/2011 20:45
  Talat Bari 2757203 (R) 203, Gali No. 3, DIG.Ferog Khan Colony, 94141-30106 (M) ...


Tada Manchha Ram to Tak Sudhir

03/01/2011 20:42
  Tada Manchha Ram "Tada Niwas" 30 Shiv Shakti Nagar, 6th Road, O/s Mahamandir, Jodhpur. ...



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