jalotas shaam held at jodhpur

 A beautiful shaam held on 9 of may 2014 held at jodhpur "Padma shree"gazhal samrat Anoup jalota presented a programme  in under banner of Sawrsudha & Meharangarh musium trust . People gatherd on 556 foundation day of JODHPUR. Chair person Gazsingh and smt Hemlata raje started foundation day with lightening the lamp. Programme conducted for three days . Jalotaji also joined a birthdayparty of his show cordinatior for rajasthan  Ruby at newely open restaurantt  Vedas  and other guests.next day on 10may  jalotaji addressed a press confrence at  Heritage Polo .In answer to a question jalotaji replied " Modi" will become a prime minister of the country and will enhance  and bring the growth of the country.further concert going to be held in jaipur at bilrla auditoriam o 22 of may,2014 jalotaji expressses and shared the ideas for growing the indian culture an he says people must be fullfilled the requirement through the movies and cltural activities but it s tru "muni badnam  item"songs  are also the requirement of new generation. 


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