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CHAPTER IX International Copyright

17/01/2011 17:40
 CHAPTER IX International Copyright 40. Power to extend copyright to foreign works.-- The Central Government may, by 97 order published in the Official Gazette, direct that all or any provisions of this Act shall apply- (a) to work first published in any class territory outside India to which...


CHAPTER VIII Rights of Broadcasting

17/01/2011 17:38
 CHAPTER VIII Rights of Broadcasting 92  Organisation and of Performers 37. 93 Broadcast reproduction right.-(1) Every broadcasting organisation shall have a special right to be known as "broadcast reproduction right" in respect of its broadcasts. (2) The broadcast reproduction right...


CHAPTER VII Copyright Societies

17/01/2011 17:37
 CHAPTER VII Copyright Societies 33. 1   Registration of Copyright Society.- (1) No person or association of persons shall, after coming into force of the Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1994 commence or, carry on the business of issuing or granting licences in respect of any work in...



17/01/2011 17:36
 CHAPTER VI LICENCES 30.Licences by owners of copyright.- The owner of the copyright in any existing work or the prospective owner of the copyright in any future work may grant any interest in the right by licence in writing signed by him or by his duly authorised agent: Provided that in the...


CHAPTER V Term of Copyright

17/01/2011 17:34
 CHAPTER V Term of Copyright 22. Term of copyright in published literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works.-Except as otherwise hereinafter provided, copyright shall subsist in any literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work (other than a photograph) published within the lifetime of the...


CHAPTER IV Ownership of Copyright and the Rights of the Owner

17/01/2011 17:33
 CHAPTER IV Ownership of Copyright and the Rights of the Owner 17. First owner of copyright.-Subject to the provisions of this Act, the author of a work shall be the first owner of the copyright therein Provided that- (a) in the case of a literary, dramatic or artistic work made by the author...


CHAPTER III Copyright ,Works in which copyright subsists

17/01/2011 17:31
 CHAPTER III Copyright 13. Works in which copyright subsists.- (1) Subject to the provisions of this section and the other provisions of this Act, copyright shall subsist throughout India in the following classes of works, that is to say,- (a) original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic...


CHAPTER II Copyright Office and Copyright Board

17/01/2011 17:29
CHAPTER II Copyright Office and Copyright Board 9. Copyright Office. - (1) There shall be established for the purposes of this Act an office to be called the Copyright Office. (2) The Copyright Office shall be under the immediate control of the Registrar of Copyrights who shall act under the...


CHAPTER I Preliminary

17/01/2011 17:26
 CHAPTER I  Preliminary [4th June, 1957] An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to copyright.  Be it enacted by Parliament in the Eighth Year of the Republic of India as follows: 1. Short title, extent and commencement. -(1) This Act may be called the Copyright Act,...


TOPIC B Maternity Leave Law In India

09/01/2011 22:22
 Maternity Leave Law In India Pregnancy is a special moment for all mothers-to-be. And this is one time when she needs to take best care of herself so that she can give birth to a healthy and robust baby. Most importantly, all this needs to be done under the supervision of a...



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